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North Bend Town Hall Meetings on Homelessness

March 6, 2023

12:00 am

The City of North Bend will host two moderated Town Hall meetings for city residents and businesses in our community. The panelists will discuss the issues surrounding homelessness and dynamic solutions to the growing crisis. We need our North Bend residents and businesses to be engaged in the solution. The Town Hall will be moderated, and the consensus from the meetings will be carried forward in a draft ordinance necessary to comply with House Bill 3115, passed by the Oregon Legislature during its 2021 session.

WHO: City of North Bend

WHAT: Town Hall Meetings on Homelessness and Camping Ordinance

WHEN: 6 to 8 pm, February 6 & March 6, 2023

WHERE: North Bend Community Building, 2222 Broadway Avenue, North Bend, OR 97459

WHY: HB 3115 requires that any city or county law regulating the acts of sitting, lying, sleeping, or keeping warm and dry outside on public property, must be “objectively reasonable” based on the totality of the circumstances as applied to all stakeholders, including persons experiencing homelessness. What is objectively reasonable may look different in different communities. The bill retains the ability of cities and counties to enact reasonable time, place, and manner regulations, aiming to preserve the ability of local governments to manage public spaces effectively for the benefit of an entire community. HB 3115 includes a delayed implementation date of July 1, 2023, to allow local governments time to review and update ordinances and support intentional community conversations. For more information on homeless solutions, please visit

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