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Hammered: A Thor & Loki Play

April 30, 2021

7:00 pm / 8:00 pm

The setting is Asgard, and you get there through a rainbow bridge. Thor & Loki have all the problems normal young brothers do and some special ones reserved just for Thunder Gods. Join Thor and his friends as they navigate final exams, family life, and the perils of Asgard to learn what makes a true hero!


HAMMERED: A THOR & LOKI PLAY is presented live online one night only on April 30th at 7 PM on the So It Goes Coffeehouse Facebook page. HAMMERED: A THOR & LOKI PLAY is a family-friendly show written by Christian Borle, that runs just under an hour. This Marvel Spotlight play is presented with permission from Concord Theatricals. There is no charge for the performance.


The link to the page will go live on Friday, April 30th at 7 PM here:


The cast includes Bryan Bailey (Thor), Taylor Marchant (Loki), Eric Gleason (Odin & Cul), Tim Novotny (Thor Odinson & Herald), Derek Baden (Fandral, The Jock, & Forseti), Aymee Pedder (Freyja, Editor, & Frigg), Sabrina Gonzalez (Sif & Ellisiv), Anse Tauber (Hogun & The Comic Book Geek), Mike the Bear (Volstaag & Hoener), and features 13-year-old Juliana Lopez (Atli), and 11-year-old Nicoya Pruess (Heimdall). The show is directed by John Beane and Daneal Doerr.


So It Goes Coffeehouse has brought you such shows as DASH RIPROCK & THE TENTACLES OF DOOM, MURDER PARTY, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S LEBOWSKI: PRINCE OF NINEPINS, and PULP SHAKESPEARE. So It Goes continues its storytime offerings for kids and families online during the pandemic, as well as weekly contributions for local homeless groups. For more information check us out on Facebook, Instagram, or at