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Auditions “Cannibal The Musical”

February 25, 2023

6:00 pm




South Park creator Trey Parker’s Cannibal! The Musical! is the kind of true story of the only person convicted of cannibalism in America – Alfred Packer. The sole survivor of an ill-fated trip to the Colorado Territory, he tells his side of the harrowing tale to news reporter Polly Pry as he awaits his execution. And his story goes like this: While searching for gold and love in the Colorado Territory, he and his companions lost their way and resorted to unthinkable horrors, including toe-tapping songs! 


FIlled with Parker’s trademark dark comic edge and buffoonery, Cannibal! is for mature audiences only. Auditions are February 25th at 6:30 PM at The Liberty Theatre at 2100 Sherman Avenue, North Bend, Oregon. Please prepare part of a song and be prepared to move.


Seeking ninjas, cyclops, maidens, dancers, trappers, erstwhile heroes, shopkeepers, judges, penguins, and someone to play Cartman (really). Most roles sing and/or dance, talent in these particular areas not necessarily required. Broad sense of humor definitely required.



Alfred Packer: Hero, silly, dim, valiant, miner

Polly Pry: Heroine, inquisitive, brilliant reporter

James Humphrey: Cartman (really), brash, an idiot, hysterical, miner

George Noon: Nerd, naive, sweet, really, really wants to have a girlfriend, miner

Frank Miller: A butcher that refuses to sing or dance. Sarcastic, intelligent. Miner.

Israel Swan: Cheerful, bizarre, sings/dances the showstopper, miner

Shannon Bell: Preacher, sincere, slightly manic, miner

Liane: Packer’s horse (played by a girl), amazing dancing/clownwork a plus

French Cabazon: A quasi-operatic trapper and villain, Packers rival

Loutzenheiser: Trapper, bad guy

Nutter: Trapper, bad guy (but sweet)

Cheif: The wise/weird head of a tribe of Native American Japanese foreign exchange students 

Tribe: Native American Japanese foreign exchange students

The Voice of Doom

Judge Jerry

Tiny Tim

The Cyclops

The Sheriff

The miners fathers


Cowbell artiste’

Clerks, frogs, etc…

Rehearsals start in March. Performances are Fridays and Saturdays, May 19th-June 3rd. For more information visit Performed by special arrangement with Concord Theatricals.


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